Overweight Cat Health Problems and How to Deal with them

It is not only humans who can become overweight or obese due to eating a lot or not exercising enough but this can also happen to cats. Yes your kitty too could become overweight and this can further lead to several types of health problems as well.

Obesity among cats is on the rise and is often overlooked or ignored because cat owners often don’t know its possible risks.  Give your cat a gentle squeeze around the middle of its body.  If you can’t feel the ribs when you rub the side, then your cat may just need some diet adjustment. Let’s read more about overweight cat health problems and possible ways to address this issue.

overweight cat health problems

  • Firstly, do not assume that this condition in your cat is because he doesn’t get much exercise or because he is lazy. Weight gain or obesity can be a sign of a serious illness like hypothyroidism and other problems like disorder in the pituitary gland which is responsible for regulation of production of hormones in the body.
  • Some of the other health problems that can be caused in your cat because of being overweight include diabetes, excessive stress on the heart, a shortened lifespan and skin disorders because due to being overweight, the cat may not be able to groom itself like it normally does.
  • Overweight cats may also develop joint, ligaments and tendons related issues or problems and these problems can further result in arthritis or lameness.

Ways to Deal with Obesity Among Cats

Dietary Changes

The first way to deal with obesity in your cat is by making dietary changes. Set specific mealtimes and don’t leave food out in the bowl all day. Buy low calorie food for the cat and reduce dry food as it may have more of carbohydrates. Feed low calories fruits and vegetables and don’t feed just because you think the cat is bored.


Give your cat a nip toy to stimulate some kind of activity. Play with the cat often and especially before mealtime because this way he will relate food with fun and will eat a sensible portion.  Let your cat go out and play with other cats in the neighborhood under close watch.  Adopt a second cat so that the obese cat can get some frequent playing time and may hence lose some weight.


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