Home Remedies To Cure Ringworm In Cats

When taking care of your cat, you have to look for various diseases and skin infections that they are susceptible to contact.

Even though not every condition can be life threatening, few of them will be contagious and also cause harm to you.

One of such contagious skin infections in cats is ringworm.

So, when you notice this condition in your cat, immediately get alert and take necessary treatment options to avoid further problems.

Here are few home remedies that you can try to cure ringworm in cats.

  1. Apple cider vinegar: It is believed that apple cider vinegar works like charm in the treatment of ringworm in cats. So, simply dab very little amounts of apple cider vinegar in each and every spot of your cat’s skin that is infected with ringworm.
  2. Raw papaya: Take a fresh raw papaya and make a thin slice of the fruit. Rub the infected skin of your cat with fresh sliced papaya for better results.
  3. Grapefruit seed extract: Dilute grapefruit seed extract in water in consistent amounts and dab it on the spots of your cat’s skin with clean cotton.

Whether your cat is hypoallergenic or not, it is very essential for you to take advice from your pet’s health care provider before you experiment new treatment for your pet.


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