5 Interesting Ways to Take Cute Photos of Kittens

Owning a pet can be a great experience for anyone but having them when they are still little can be an absolute blessing. Kittens are especially one of the cutest pets to have the fortune to live with. When they are small you will also get the chance to take some exceedingly cute pictures of these little ones.

Their expressions, body poses and innocent faces make them extremely photogenic. But one must also have some tips up their sleeves to actually take good pictures. The following are the top 5 most intersting ways to take cute photos of kittens.

ways to take cute photos of kittens

1. Be Spontaneous

You just cannot ask your kitten to pose for you or wait for the perfect moment or pose with a camera in your hand. This is why it is important to be spontaneous and click the kitten in its most natural pose.  Be open minded and flexible and make sure you position yourself to the ground when you click them and not from top.  This will help you focus on their eyes which are their most beautiful feature.

2. Avoid Flash

Avoid flash as much as possible and make use of daylight to result in some wonderful photos. Click near a window or in an area which gets a lot of natural light for the best results. Flash will not only force the kittens to close their eyes but can become too evident and may ruin your shot.

3. Get up Close

Another tip for clicking good kitten photographs is to go really close to the kitten or zoom in your camera so that you can get the face and focus on the eyes in the photograph. Eyes of these little kittens are full of surprise, innocence and raw beauty which you must try to focus on.

4. Click When they are Playing

The best time to shoot your kitten is when it is in a playful mood and is twirling around its body trying to itch its back or leg. Clicking at this time can result in some cute photographs where you can just get your cat totally off guard.

5. Take the Back Pose

Whenever the kitten is looking out of a window, try to get a back shot. It can look extremely philosophical and cute. It will also capture the full body of the kitten and record its colors and shape for future reference.


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