Side Effects of Cat Flu Vaccinations

All pet owners wish to protect their pets against illnesses and so they might consider getting the pets vaccinated. However, in some cases the owners also have to think about the side effects of cat flu vaccinations to be prepared for whatever surprises you could have.

Side Effects of Cat Flu Vaccinations

Information about the cat flu vaccinations’ side effects

It is a well-known fact that the kitties are supposed to be vaccinated between weeks 6 and 9 and after that, they should get regular shots. If you are interested in the possible side effects, you should know that, although these are possible, they are very rare.

Possible adverse effects of cat flu vaccinations

It is possible for the site of the vaccine to get inflamed and irritated. After the shot, some cats become lethargic and as a result, they might not have an appetite. Lameness and depression is also possible along with fever. Some cats have an allergic reaction to the vaccine. If this is the case, the cat needs the immediate attention of a vet.

What to expect?

The pet owners interested in the side effects of cat flu vaccinations ought to know that in some cases they cats get drowsy after they get a shot and they might not be themselves for a few days. The good news is that these effects will disappear and you will get your old cat back.

Rare cases

There is the possibility for the cat flu vaccination adverse effects to last for longer periods of time. Also, some more serious changes could occur in the behavior of the cat. In case you notice anything of the sort, you should take the cat to a vet, to make sure that everything is alright with him.

What is the cat flu?

In order to fully understand the situation, it’s not enough to know about the side effects of cat flu vaccinations. You also have to know what cat flu is. It is caused by viruses and bacteria, such as the feline herpes virus and the feline calcivirus.

Just as you may have thought regarding the negative effects of cat flu vaccination, the illness affects the respiratory system of the cat. While it can affect cats of all ages, usually it is more dangerous in case of kittens and older cats.

Although the side effects of cat flu vaccinations may be scary, keep in mind that it is best for the cat to be vaccinated.


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