Best Ways to Care for your Cat During Summers

When the sun is at its peak and the summers are finally upon you, it is not only important to keep yourself cool and hydrated, but it is also important to provide the best summer care to your cat as well. Dehydration and heat stroke are some dangers which not only hit you but can affect your cat as well. Thus it is important to provide extra care and following are the best ways to take care for your cat during the summer season:

ways to care for your cat during summers

Keeping it Cool

You must do all that it possible to keep your cat cool. Do not allow it to stay outdoors for long periods of time especially during the day time. Also, keep a window or two open in the house so that fresh air can flow in. make sure you have enough cooling inside the house because heat stroke can prove life threatening for cats.  Put some cubes of ice in their water container and wrap cats in cold water towels on very hot summer days.


Make sure the cat has a lot of cold water supply to drink from so that it doesn’t get dehydrated. Place several water bowls around the house for the cat to drink from.

Sun Protection

If your cat is fair skinned or light haired, then it is important to apply some sunscreen lotion or cream all over it and especially on its face to prevent sun tanning or sun burn. Make sure the cat doesn’t stay out for long durations of time and has enough shelter both indoors and outdoors.

Fleas and Ticks

Another way to care for your cat during the summers is to protect it from fleas and ticks. Fleas are particular bad during the hot summer months and you must buy a good flea control product for your cat. Ask your vet about the best option and buy it from a chemist or vet shop.  Regularly get your cat checked for ticks especially during the summers because sometimes ticks can be deadly.


During summers, there is an increased danger and risk of bushfires and it is important to protect your car from it. If you live in a high risk area, then make sure you have a good emergency plan all worked out. Do not let cats venture out to those areas.


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