Homemade Cat Food Vitamin Supplements

Although the majority of the cat owners choose to offer commercial cat food to their pets, you might have the time to prepare homemade food. However in this case you will have to think about homemade cat food vitamin supplements to make sure that the cat will have all the vitamins and nutrients that he needs.

Homemade Cat Food Vitamin Supplements

Fatty acids

It is common for the vets to prescribe fish oil to cats that are rich in fatty acids.


According to the latest studies in the field, the fatty acids are important in case of many different kinds of health conditions, such as food allergies, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, kidney disease and autoimmune diseases.

Digestive enzymes

There are more and more veterinarians who recommend this one of the nutritional supplements for homemade cat foods. Usually these nutrients promise complete digestion while about others it is said that they can remove the toxins as well. When using the supplement, you have to check whether it’s really working.

Joint supplements

If you are looking for homemade cat food vitamin supplements in case of an old cat, your best bet is chondroitin and glucosamine. These can combat the effects of osteoarthritis. If you use the supplement according to the indications, there are very few possible side effects.

Dangers of the dietary supplements

Even though you are trying your best to offer your cat everything that he or she needs, there might still be need for supplements. Keep in mind that while these are usually beneficial, they could also come with some side effects. For instance vitamins A and D may turn out to be toxic for cats.

This is something important to know about the homemade cat food vitamin supplements because these supplements build up in the body with time. Usually the vets prescribe these vitamins if the cat has a deficiency. Otherwise the supplements contain very little of them.

Raw food supplements

When looking for diet supplements for cat’s homemade meals, you may be thinking about raw sources of vitamins and minerals. Although they might not be the favorites of cats, add to their food some green beans, bananas, pumpkin and broccoli.

The best thing that you could do about the homemade cat food vitamin supplements is to talk to your vet and find out whether your cat really needs them to avoid the possible side effects.


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