Flea Treatment for Dogs Side Effects

It is common for the pet owners to be looking for a flea treatment. Although they might turn out to be useful, the owners should also think about the flea treatment for dogs side effects. In order to avoid the unwanted effects, you should choose the products wisely.

Flea Treatment for Dogs Side Effects

Redness and irritation

In the majority of the cases the manufacturers are trying to produce products that don’t have any unwanted effects. However the chemicals that are used in these products may turn out to be harmful for the health of the pet leading to redness and irritation of the skin along with vomiting, hair loss, lethargy and maybe diarrhea.


There are some ingredients that are known to lead to more serious adverse effects of dog’s flea treatment than others: permetherin is one of them. This can be found in some spot treatment options and it can cause itching, vomiting, weakness and a change in the behavior of the dog.

Flea shampoos

When thinking about the side effects of flea treatment for dogs, you should also consider the dog shampoos that you might be using. These come with insecticides, toxins and neurotoxins that are meant to kill the fleas. If used for longer periods of time, these can weaken the immune system of the dog.

Another interesting thing to know about the dog flea treatment adverse effects is that with time the fleas can develop a certain resistance against these products. If you use spot treatments with shampoos over a longer period of time, it might do more harm to the dog than good.

Unintended effects

Keep in mind regarding the flea treatment for dogs’ side effects that they can appear in animals that don’t get the right treatment. Don’t forget that a 5 pound dog doesn’t need the same treatment as a 50 pound one. Also make sure that you don’t use products that were meant for other animal species.

The pet owners thinking about the negative effects of dogs’ flea treatment should know that the dosing is different for puppies and old dogs because of their weight and their age. In the same time it is important to take into consideration the possible health problems.

The good news about the flea treatment for dogs’ side effects is that they can be avoided if the right treatment is used for your pet.


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