Dog Nutrition Supplements

Everybody knows that the pet owners have to know about the dog nutrition supplements, but the truth is that there are only a few people who actually know how much nutrients the dogs need and most importantly, why they need these nutrients.

Dog Nutrition Supplements

Does your dog need nutrition supplements for dogs

According to the FDA, the majority of the dogs have a balanced diet through having processed food, thus they have the nutrients that they need. On the other hand, if you prepare the food of the dog at home, there is need to use supplements, but these should be used according to the diet that the dog has.

Dangers of the dogs’ dietary supplements

Although the specialists aren’t sure regarding this matter, it is possible that some nutritional elements can harm the dogs having a balanced diet and receive extra vitamins and minerals. For instance, if the dog has too much calcium, he could develop skeletal problems. This is a danger of the dog nutrition supplements in case of the larger breeds.

Furthermore, having too much vitamin A may lead to the damaging of the blood vessels, dehydration and also joint pain. Too much vitamin D can make the dog stop eating and the muscles can atrophy.

Talking to your vet

It is a must to talk to your vet about the supplements for the dog’s nutrition. It is good to know that a condition that looks like arthritis can turn out to be a neurological problem and a poor coat can be a sign of hormonal or metabolic problems that can’t be solved with supplements.

Do the dog nutrition supplements really work?

The truth is that the efficiency of the supplement depends on the manufacturer and the way that it is used. We have to add that it is difficult to measure the efficiency of the products and it is also difficult to find proof of for their need.

Dogs with osteoarthritis are usually given glucosamine-chondroitin. There were studies conducted regarding this dietary supplement for dogs and the results were quite inconclusive. One of the studies showed decreased pain and more mobility in case of the dogs who received the supplement for at least 70 days.

In the end it is up to the owner to decide whether he or she wants to give the pet dog nutrition supplements. However, sometimes the vets suggest using them too.


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