Effective Ways To Deal With Feline Constipation

Feline constipationConstipation in cats is not as uncommon as it sounds.

In fact it is a serious problem that can result in serious problems where your cat’s health is concerned if proper treatment is not administered. [Cat health care]

Feline constipation is usually common in old cats although a cat of any age can suffer from it.

The easiest way to notice that your cat is suffering from feline constipation is through its bowel movement. A cat’s bowel movements are generally two or three times a day.

So if your cat’s bowel movements change suddenly and it spends more than two days without any bowel movement then chances are your cat is suffering from constipation.

One of the ways of knowing if your cat has constipation is through changes in his/her eating patterns. You will find that your pet cat is no longer interested in food or eats less than normal. Loss of appetite is a very common symptom of feline constipation.

Another sign is frequent visits to the litter box. Constipation will result in your cat going frequently to the litter box but not being able to pass anything out. And if there is anything that comes out then the stool will be small diarrhea which might even have traces of blood.

Feline constipation is a result of a number of factors that may include lack of water in your cat’s diet. Dehydration can cause hardening of stools in your cat making it difficult to defecate resulting in constipation. Water is very essential to your cat’s well being.

Another cause of Feline constipation is the type of diet that is given to the cats. Foods suitable for human consumption might not necessarily be suitable for your cat. Things like salty foods or rich fatty things are not good for your cat. Even a dirty litter box may cause your cat to avoid defecating.

Cats are usually clean creatures and if their litter boxes are not cleaned then they may hold their bowel movements causing the fecal matter to build up in the colon and hardening. This will in turn result in constipation.

In order to avoid feline constipation you should give your cat plenty of fresh water everyday. Leaving bowels of water in your cat’s favorite spots is a good way of encouraging your cat to drink water.

Make sure your cat’s diet consists of both canned and dry food because dry food alone can cause constipation. If your cat is a vegetarian make sure you feed him foods that are high in fiber.


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