Useful Tips to Keep your Cat Healthy and Disease Free

With proper knowledge and care regime, you can keep your feline pet away from diseases and illnesses. This article will give you a comprehensive picture on how to take care of your cat and keep it healthy during all the seasons right from the tender age.

tips to keep your cat healthy and disease freeNeo Natal Care

This is the time which ensures that the kitten will have a healthy life ahead. A kitten should get its mother affection and presence for at least 16 weeks. Unfortunately, a kitten does not get this love and care of the mother if the cat passes away just after delivery or gets detached from her kittens due to some reason. The milk from mother at this delicate age ensures good health for rest of the life.

Spay your Cat

Overpopulation is a serious problem in the cat family. The process of spaying helps you to control the situation and also keep the cat healthy in long run. Too many deliveries will invariably stress the cat and lead to many health disorders.

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) or feline leukaemia virus (FLV) are common diseases that can spread amongst the kittens through the mother. Spaying should be done in young age, preferably after the cat has delivered once or maximum twice.

Regular Medical Check Up

Just like humans, cats also need proper veterinary care. Annual medical examinations is essential as you also need to give the yearly anti-rabies vaccinations; moreover deworming process (4 times a year) and protecting your cat from parasites like ticks and fleas is also important.

Let them Live on their Natural Instincts

Once you try to cage and tame cats it will get depressed or may be violent as well. Cats cannot let go their freedom and hunting instincts, thus to keep it healthy and away from behavioural problems allow them to move freely in and around your neighbourhood. Let it be busy with activities and games or else cats can even get overweight.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

Cats should be treated as individuals with its own personal items; for instance a separate food tray, water bowl and litter box should be assigned and it has to be compulsorily cleaned everyday with strong cleaning solution. Food tray and bowl should not be placed near the litter box and the water bowl should be kept away from the food tray or else your cat will not drink enough. Water should be changed everyday – dirty water can lead to urinary infections. Many diseases can spread from dirty and unhygienic practices, therefore be very particular about this point.

Playing Companion

Cats are social animals and need constant interaction with the similar beings. If you have more than one cat at home then it would not be a problem, or else you can take your pet to places where many more cats dwell. Make sure that the cats are clean and healthy or else your one can bring in diseases. Isolated and idle cats are neither healthy not happy.

The above mentioned tips are very helpful if you can register them well and execute it for the feline member at home.


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