Most Lovable Cat Breeds

cat breedCute little fury animals that keep you company.

Why do you think there is always the tale about the old widow by the corner who lived with no one else but just her cats?

How many of us long for a friend who will listen to your sorrows and not lecture you back.

Well, I can raise my hand to that. Cats just cuddle up on your lap and make that reassuring ‘meow’ and keep listening.

Cat breeds

Ragdoll cat

The rag doll is a friendly little fellow. Come on, even I don’t have to say much about it.

The name speaks for itself. It’s so people loving especially children that give it all the attention it loves.

You have to love the little fellow, it just tries to love you back in every possible way it can. It’s so gentle you would be tempted to pick it up each time you meet it in the hallway.

If you are worried about your carpet then worry no more. It has medium hair, so it sheds off a reasonable amount of fur.

Burmese cat

Next up in line with the most lovable is the Burmese cat. Those big and adorable yellow eyes that just get you saying; ‘aah kook at him, he is so cute.’  Burmese cats are less of a play thing and more of a friendly lot. They tend to want to compete with the dogs on being a man’s best friend.

That is why they tend to get really bonded and gullible with you. Well if you are the owner by the way. Let’s just say they believe in commitment.

So if you are tired of your partner who doesn’t seem to be interested in settling down then Burmese right here is the ‘one’ for you.

They are soft to touch too. This is due to their silky soft fur that keeps you patting it over and over again while it keeps purring for more. How do you like that?

Somali cat

Our next most lovable cat happens to be the Somali cat. It has long hair but don’t scratch him off yet because he amazingly sheds so little of the hair. He definitely is not the lazy type that sits and sleeps all day.

He loves to play and have fun. It’s also not one of them dumb animals. He is intelligent witty and clever. I bet he eats a lot of fish to improve his IQ. It’s so trusting when it comes to the owner in contrast to a stranger. They tend to shy away from you.

Persian cat

Our furry friend, the Persian cat is the most popular of the lovable cat breeds. They come in different colors too. These include black, white, striped and orange colors.

Well, they might cross the path of most mothers or housekeepers as they shed a lot of hair but just groom it and you will find out that you won’t have much of a problem after all.

This long and fluffy look is part of the reasons why they are so popular and fall into the ‘most lovable’ category. Just keep him comfy, welcome and secure, and then he will be sucking up to you in a short space of time.


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