Long Haired Cat Breeds Bring Joy to All

The main reason that long haired cat breeds are rather popular these days is because their coat of hair tends to be much more glamorous than the other types of cats that you may have seen before. There is a lot of maintenance involved in the appearance of these cats, so you need to make sure that you are willing to groom them on a regular basis. Although you may think that there are only a few long haired breeds to choose from, there are actually quite a few different cat breeds that come with long, gorgeous hair.

Some long haired cat breeds that you may come across when you are shopping around include the Himalayan, the Maine Coon and the Balinese. Each of these breeds of cat have their own unique features, so you will get to decide what kind of cat you want to groom when you are at home. Anyone who loves cats or other types of pets should definitely go with the long haired breeds because these are the types of cats that everyone enjoys around the house.

Long Haired Cat BreedsThere are many fun facts about these types of cats that you will find interesting because these are actually some exciting breeds. There is nothing better than having a cat with long hair because it means that cat will garner much more attention than the other cats that may live in your neighborhood. Anyone who loves having the best pet around should definitely look into getting a cat that has some long hairs on their body.

The history of long haired cat breeds

The first type of long haired cat breeds came from Turkey, although the breeds have since spread across the entire civilized world. Angora was home to the first type of long haired cat that could be found, and the name of the breed was actually the same as the city where it first popped up. These types of cats were not imported into Europe and other parts of the world until 1620, so this part of the world was home to the only long haired cats for quite some time.

Some of the long haired cats can actually grow up to be quite large, and the Norwegian Forest Cat can actually grow up to be as large as 22 pounds. That is quite a bit of weight for an animal that most people consider to be cute and cuddly. Some dogs do not even reach that kind of weight when they are completely grown and moving around the house on their own.

Pick a cat for all of the right reasons

You should think long and hard about the types of long haired cat breeds that you could bring home to your family, but make sure you are making the right decision at the end of the day. There are many different options to take a look at if you are interested in long haired cats, so make sure you put a lot of time and effort into your decision making process.


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