10 Most Popular Cat Breeds in The World

Having a cat in the household will definitely be an experience you do not want to miss. All you have to do is to pick one type that will best suit your personality. Each breed has its own distinct characteristic and personality.

Information on popular cat breeds can be helpful if you want a cat that fits certain physical appearance requirements. A number of breeds are adaptable to lots of different living situations, but a few will require more care.

This can affect how they will behave, how they play and even if they will require further maintenance.  The best thing to do is to pick the best breed for you.

Here are the top 10 breeds that you can choose from.

1. The Persian

This fluffy and long haired cat breed has a cute face with body ranging from medium to large with no evidence of obesity. The cat has good muscle tone and is available in the variety of colours due to its selective breeding.

The Persian coat colours are available in various divisions like Tabby division, Himalayan division, silver and golden division, solid colour division, Parti colour division, Calico & bicolor division etc. With its long flowing coat, the Persian requires a safe and calm environment, but once they feel comfortable, they will be a constant source of pleasure to people around them.

2. The Maine Coon

The American domestic breed comes in a rainbow of colours including almost all colours and patterns like Tortoise, Parti colours and others. The body ranges from medium to large with the heavy and shaggy coat over the stomach and a well balanced rectangular appearance is accompanied by the large bone structure.

The breed commonly known as “Gentle Giant” is famous for its intelligence and gentle nature and can serve as an ideal pet.

3. The Exotic

The breed is commonly known as “Short haired Persians” and is suitable for people who like the look and personality of the Persians but also want to save their time from their regular grooming. They have same round massive head, flat face like Persians but the difference lies in their coats as Exotics have a short haired coat which is very soft and dense too.

The breed is available in the variety of colours including tabbies, Himalayan, silvers, bi colors and solid colours. The Exotic are easy to handle, loves to sit on your laps and carries the same beautiful personality like Persians.

4. The Siamese

The Siamese cats are easily recognized by their pointed coloured features on their ears, face, tail and feet along with almond shaped blue eyes. These pointed features are dark with the variety of colours like chocolate, seal, blue, apricot, cream and many more.

They have a long and slender body along with wedge-shaped tail and size ranging from small to medium. These cats are very intelligent, attention seeking, entertaining and do not like to be ignored. They try to be a part of owner’s family like a human being.

5. The Abyssinian

The cat looks like an ancient Egyptian cat with medium size and fully developed muscular strength. The Abyssinian is very people oriented intelligent cat who tries to involve in your every activity from making telephone call to making your bed.

This is the most loyal breed with their bonding orientation more towards older people rather than young children. They prefer to sit on higher places like on the refrigerator or on poles and involve in lots of activities and play like dogs. They do feel lonely when left alone for longer times so it’s better to have a pair rather than one single Abyssinian cat.

6. The Ragdolls

The very cute breed of the cat has gentle and loving nature and tends to follow you wherever you go. It is especially fond of your arms where it just limps whenever it can and that’s why the name is Ragdoll. The cat has a muscular body, large blue eyes and beautiful coat which look very soft and silky just like rabbit’s fur.

They are found in patterns like bicolour and pointed feature pattern on ears and tail. The variety of colour includes seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red and cream. Its fur requires very little maintenance and the cat is free from any major health problem.

7. The Birman

The cat has points colour which emphasizes its face, ears, legs, tail and feet are of the different colour which includes Blue Point, Chocolate Point, Lilac Point, Cream Point, Red Point, Blue Cream, Choc/Lilac Tortie, Tortie /Tabby and many more.

They are known for their quiet voices, active and playful nature and adjustment to your family style. The cat has long hair fur coat with four white gloves on each of their feet and can have medium to heavy weight. They are considered gentle and very loyal to their owner.

8. The American Shorthair

It is a low maintenance, medium to the large-sized cat with solid and muscular body and having dense and thick coat fur. These cats are gentle, calm, playful and social which love to be part of your family.

The basic varieties of colours and patterns of these cats are solid, solid and shaded silver, smoky, tabby, Parti-colour and bicolour. These cats are natural hunters and enjoy their time outside with greater tendency to gain weight. So take care while feeding them.

9. The Oriental

The breed is available in more than 300 colour varieties and in two different hair lengths. The sleek and elegant cat has a great muscle tone, slender legs large flaring ears and almond-shaped eyes.

These cats are very loyal, playful, attention seeking and will do anything to please you and interrupt you in your busy moment; while in comforting moments, they’ll share the warmth of your lap.

10. The Sphynx

The so-called “Hairless cats” are suitable for active households and they are very active and demand extra attention from their human companions. They are not exactly hairless but are covered with the soft coat which provides warmth to their body but these cats may require extra heating.

They have an intelligent face, friendly expression, strong and medium size body and a rat-like tail. The sphynx breed is the rarest and the most unusual breed of cats.

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