Dental Problems In Pets Cannot Be Ignored

pet healthDental problems are often neglected in pets, we often find out they do have a problem when it is already quite serious, it is therefore important to regularly check with the vet in order to avoid delayed reactions.

One cannot rely on a simple external examination, therefore dental x-rays are important for they will help determine if there are concealed dental problems, as in many cases the problems lie under the gums.

When your pet needs treatment he will need specific care, which cannot be done while the pet is awake for it will not keep still, it will therefore need to be anaesthetized.

Under anaesthesia the vet can carefully check the pet’s teeth for any fractures, decay or mobility and if more important intervention is required your pet will be given additional painkillers and other appropriate drugs during and after the operation.

Periodontal disease must be detected by an individual examination of the pocket depths around each tooth, it is essential to take your pet for routine checks, for it can lead to infection and dental extraction will be needed.

If your pet needs to have teeth extracted, this will not in any way hinder his eating habits; on the contrary he will find it easier to eat as the previous dental disease or pain made eating more difficult.


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