Persian Cat Care For Long And Healthy Life!

Persian CatThe most popular cat breed which is known for its gentle and sweet personality is the Persian cat.

They are not very demanding and they will become your great companions with in short period of time.

Persian cat is one of the oldest cat breed in the history. The other names for this Persian cat are “longhair” and “Persian longhair”.

Know details of the persian cat before adopting it:

The Persian cats will have long hair, so you have to groom the hair on regular basis in order to make it look more beautiful and attractive. You can knot the hair of your Persian, but it is a tough job and it can consume lot of your time.

First of all, you must get good pet brush for your cat and you have to use it at least once in a day for good Persian care.

If you want your cat to be pretty healthy and happy, you need to give the food and water on regular basis. Try to give the right food at right time and try to offer milk for at least twice in a day. The caring process of this Persian cat is not that much different from taking care of any cat.

Persian cats are prone to some medical problems like cherry eye, nostril constriction, tear duct overflow, polycystic kidney disease, dental malocclusions, seborrhea oleosa and entropion. In such situations, you have to seek proper medical advice from your veterinary doctor.

This Persian breed is sweet and gentle; they will mingle easily with everyone including kids. The sound of meow will be pleasant. With its sound and eyes, they can able to communicate very efficiently with their owners. They are playful, lovable and admirable.

Most of the time, the Persian cats love to bask in the sun and prove others just how gorgeous they really are!

Most breeds of the cats can be kept inside or outside, but your Persian cats should be always kept inside and you can allow it outside with proper supervision. By keeping the Persian cats inside, you can be able to protect their coats and are kept away from some diseases and common parasites.

To make sure that your Persian cat stays healthy, you must always take your cat to the vet on an annual basis. Through plenty of love and a modest concentration to grooming, your Persian cat can live as long as 20 years.


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