Top 10 Kids Friendly Cats

Getting your kid a pet is a good idea to give them a companion to love and care for and play with. Having a pet also teaches them to be responsible and grow up to be smart. However, it is difficult to decide which cat breed would be the perfect fit for your kid and your family. To make the decision a bit easier for all, here is a list of top 10 kids friendly cats in the world:

1. The Birman

the birmanThis is one of the most social and friendly breed that you will come across. A briman cat is not to shy away from guests and hide in a corner when the house is crowded. This cat will lounge around in the house with a strut.

2. The Abyssinian

the abyssinianThe best characteristic of this breed of cat is that they are extremely energetic and active. They love heights and hence they jump as far and as high as they can. Your kid will surely love this cat breed for a pet.

3. The Bengal

the bengalThese cats are extremely agile and athletic by nature and body type, traits that make for a great and friendly pet for kids all age.

4. The Devon Rex

This one cat breed loves all the attention it can get and loves everyone in return. These are again of the friendliest cats when seeking a pet for a kid.

5. The Burmese Cat

the burmese catWith soft voice, extended charm and the basic nature characterized by friendliness and energy, this cat will make a good companion to kids all ages and sizes.

6. The Siberian Cat

the siberian catThese cats truly want to be near people and love them as long as they live. It does not get any friendlier!

7. The Cornish Rex Cat

the cornish rex catThese highly intelligent cats with their own sense of humor are sure to charm any kid who has it as a pet.

8. The Japanese Bobtail

the japanese bobtailAs the name well suggests, these cats are physically characterized by a bunny tail that may curve or kink. They will not be the loudest one around but they surely have a lot to say and yap about.

9. The Maine Coon

the maine coonIt is one of the oldest breed, which has been chosen as a companion by many for themselves and for kids. They are naturally calm around even the noisiest and naughtiest of kids.

10. The Ragdoll

the ragdollThe cat from this breed is perfect for those who are looking for a gentle and loving pet. In addition, one that likes to play games with the kids and joins them in the relaxing regime after.


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