Cat Breeds That Accompany Humans To Bring An End To Your Loneliness!

Cat BreedsPet lovers often choose between dogs and cats rather than the other varieties of pets.

Cats are also usually preferred by many people due to the large variety of cat breeds or species.

Each cat is different from the other species. So it’s very hard to pick a specific cat from the large species of cats.

If you do proper research, you can find a cat that suits you and your family members.

Short haired cat breeds:

Abyssinian cat: It is an oldest breed of domestic cat. Originated from Africa, it has reddish- brown undercoat. These cats are lively, show interest around them and are well balanced. They enjoy the company of humans. They are Intelligent, affectionate and loyal by nature.

Abyssinians are prone to gingivitis or tooth decay and carry hereditary disease of amyloidosis- a renal disease.

Snowshoe cat: This is a small cat with a lean and muscular stature. Ears are large and triangular. They come in blue, lilac, chocolate, lynx, fawn, and seal point colors.

These cats are sweet tempered, energetic, playful and adaptable cats. Interestingly, no two snowshoes are alike; the pattern on each of these cats differs. They need more attention than any other cat needs and cannot be left alone for a long time.

Siamese cat: It is a distinct breed of oriental cat. It consists of creamy based coat with colored points at snout, paws, tail, ears and lower legs. These cats are affectionate and intelligent and enjoy the company of humans.

Sometimes they are dealt as extroverts. These are extremely vocal and loud. They give good company for singles and share a strong bond with them. These cats are playful, active and demand attention even when grew up.

Long hair cat breeds:

Himalayan cat: It is a cross breed of Persians and Siemens. The body of this cat is white and the points (face, ears, feet and tail) of the cat vary in colors like blue, brown, red, cream and flame. These Himalayan cats are sweet tempered, social, intelligent and good companions.

These cats are active compared with Siemens and Persians cats. Long, fury hair needs special care as it can be prone to hair balls. These cats are prone to genetic deformations and inherited problems like joint and organ abnormalities.

Maine coon cat: It is anative and largest breed of domestic cat. This cat breed is large, energetic, muscular and heavy boned built. It can be recognized in many colors including tortoise shell, except chocolate, lavender and point restricted patterns.

The Maine coons are notable for their intelligence, playfulness and dexterity. It is an easiest cat breed to train. They can open cabinet doors, turn on water valves and get you the objects.

These cats often misbehave when they are bored. These cats are prone to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (heart disease).

Persian cat: Oldest of all breeds. A traditional long hair cat with a short nose, large eyes, extremely foreshortened muzzle and broad head. These cats are medium to large sized with short legs. It can be seen in all colors, point marking included in tortoiseshell, blue and tabby colors.

Point varieties are called colorpoint Persian in Europe and Himalayan in USA. As their fur is too dense and long, they need regular grooming. The eyes are to be checked regularly. Calm and laid back cats, they carve affection and love to be petted and fussed.

If taken proper care, the Persian cat can be a family member that bringsg love and affection to your family and drive away loveliness.


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