List Of The Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

It is a general misconception that cats are cold, aloof and much less affectionate as compared to dogs. Dogs tend to get all the attention during discussion of affectionate and loving pets but this certainly is an unfair generalization. Cats surely love their space but can be very loving, loyal and tend to bond with humans well.  Not all cat breeds are affectionate and hence before choosing a cat as a pet, you can consider the list of the most affectionate cat breeds:

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

  • Siamese-This cat breed sure is high maintenance and exotic but as opposed to common belief, are the most affectionate cats in the world.  What’s special about these cats is that they consider human families as their extensions and love spending time purring in the laps of humans.  These cats require a lot of attention and can be very demanding but they tend to bond well with one or more members of the family.
  • Ragdoll-This is one cat breed which is known to have the best nature in the world. This is a very easy going breed which is often laidback and is gentle and loving. This breed likes to stay at home in the laps of their favorite person and are very tolerant yet demanding.
  • Sphynx-This is an unusual looking cat breed which loves to stay at home and needs a mention in the list of the most affectionate cat breeds. It sure needs relatively high maintenance and needs a bath once a week but loves to play and bond with humans. This is a very vocal cat breed which is also very friendly.
  • Persian-This is a long haired cat breed which loves human attention and loves to be hugged, stroked and maintained. This is one of the high maintenance cat breeds and is laid back and very good natured.
  • Tonkiness-This is one of the warmest, friendly and affectionate cat breeds in the world and is a rather outgoing cat which loves to be verbal. It has a sunny personality and adjusts well with humans.
  • Devon or Cornish rex-These are two different cat breeds which share many personality traits. Both these breeds are laid back, affectionate and love to bond with their favorite humans by spending time in their laps, enjoying a good session of stroking.  They like playing and are surely the most loving cat breeds that you would like to make your pet.


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