What Are The Features Of Siamese Cat That Makes It Special In Choosing It As A Pet?

Siamese CatThe first thing that comes into your mind when you think of a Siamese cat is its large blue eyes, striking dark coloring at points(face, ears and tail), sleek vocal and the life span which is longer compared with the average breeds of cats.

Siamese cat is the oldest of all domestic breeds. Siamese in olden time were considered as the cats in royal palace and had the worthy companionship of Siam’s royalty and religious leaders.

Many illustrations say that Siamese cats were found in 1350 but not exhibited as they were in the company of king and royalty. But, the first Siamese cat was exhibited at Britain in 1871.

In 1900, these cats became the favorites of Americans and rated as the most popular short hair cat according to Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) research.

Siamese is shorthaired cat. Blue point, lilac point and chocolate point are recognized by CFA as Siamese cats. But other Siamese cat associations accepted additional colors also, such as Red point, Cream point, Fawn point, Tortie point, Lynx point, Tortie Lynx point and Cinnamon point.

The features that make the Siamese cat special:

Appearance: It became famous for its point-restricted coat pattern, it means the body of the cat is light and the point such as face, tail, paws and ears are dark in color. This point restriction is caused due to the gene imbalances that increase the pigmentation of hair at those points.

Siamese are characterized as long, elegant, refined with svelte body and having tapering wedge shaped head. They have striking large and pointed ears; their eyes are in almond shape and are slanted. These are very attractive and the striking pattern is remembered in the first sight of the Siamese cat.

Personality: They are well known for their talent in communicating with their owner. Siamese are social and dependents on human. These are playful, active, intelligent and loyal, need lot of attention and cannot be left alone for long time.

They crave attention from you and need affection and some times dealt as extrovert. They are lovely and devoted pets for a life time.

Grooming: As these are short haired cats, they do not need much attention towards grooming. They do not shed much or less fur on your furniture; fur balls do not form and no not need of regular salon visits. Their favorite grooming tool is “your hand”.

Voice: Once you hear the ‘meow’ of a Siamese, it’s very hard to forget. Its loud voice can irritate you at times but once you get used to the sound, you expect the same sound from all the cats which is highly impossible.

Health: Siamese are generally healthy and are not prone to dangerous and infectious diseases. Usually Siamese are prone to gingivitis (gum disease in the mouth), amyloidosis (liver destroying disease) and cardiomyopathy (heart disease).

The playful, amazing, amusing and active personality of the Siamese cat makes the surrounding lively and full of fun. Siamese cats are lovable, adorable and always show their love towards you in a special way every time you play with it.

These elegant features of the cat resist you to get the Siamese cat as your pet.


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