Cat Breeds – Most Of The Breeds Are Human Friendly And Easily Adoptable!

There are various breeds in cats. The nature and behavior of the cats will be dependent on the breed they originated. Most of the cat breeds are human friendly and easily adoptable.

British Shorthair Kittens

British Shorthair KittensThese kittens are originated from Great Britain. These cats look stocky and quite large in their appearance.

These are famous for its hunting ability and strength.

Usually these cats are found in blue color and these are famous for its calm going nature and intelligence.

These cats look more attractive with its short fur and sparkling eyes.

Bengal Kittens:

Bengal KittensThis is a new breed of cats which was first bred in USA. This breed was originated by crossing a domestic cat with Asian leopard.

The basic aim for crossing it is to create a cat with gentle and friendly nature just like domestic cat.

The appearance of the cat will be just like a wild leopard.

These Bengal cats are medium sized cats and the weight of them will vary from 8kgs to 9kgs. Unlike the entire domestic cats, these cats take interest to run in water and they don’t even mind for getting wet.

Abyssinian Kittens:

Abyssinian KittensThis cat breed has got its name from the origins of Ethiopia which was formally named as Abyssinia.

The appearance of these cats will be just like the cats which were pictured in the ancient Egyptian paintings and sculptures.

Even though they have muscles, these are quite slender with short fur.

These Abyssinia cats are inquisitive and very playful. These are medium sized cats; much care and maintenance is not required for these cats.

They will become your best companions if you provide the essential care required for them. The appearance of these cats will be more attractive with big eyes and sharp features.


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