Owners Can Be Buried Next To Their Beloved Pets

There are a lot of pet lovers today who wish to be buried with or near their most treasured animals.

This practice has been going on for centuries now and evidence in ruins suggest that even Egyptian pharaohs and Anglo-Saxon warriors have been buried with their beloved animals.

In Lincolnshire, the city approved the latest joined animal and human cemeteries where people can be buried near their favorite pet rather than having them cremated.

Some joined cemeteries even allow pets to be buried in the same plots as their owners. A lot of people think that they are going a little bit too far but the thing is people associate their pets with being part of the family so when people die they want to be with their family.

This particular trend has created a number of non-denomination burial sites for humans that are planning to use coffins that are biodegradable and plan to not care about plot lines or even headstones. This particular type of cemetery makes it easier for people to get buried with their pets because there is no set layout for the whole cemetery.

There are a lot of people that are taking advantage of “natural” burial spots and these are slowly becoming increasingly popular.

In Penwith, west Cornwall, Penny Lally, a manager for a pet crematorium, says that in her cemetery there are about thirty owners that were buried alongside their favorite animals and the place has gained around one hundred and twenty bookings for future use.

Carole Mundy, who is a customer of Penny Lally, has already reserved a plot for her and her husband, and the plot that they reserved is right next to their golden retriever who died in February 2008.

In Britain there are an estimated one and half million dogs that die each year, and only a few have been given the option of joined burial with their masters.

Around three hundred thousand of those cats and dogs are buried in their master’s garden and around a thousand in cemeteries and also a hundred thousand are being cremated.

Cremation is popular because of the fact that is cheaper than having to buy a plot. It usually costs between seventy to two hundred pounds while buying a plot for a dog or cat can reach to around two thousand pounds.

Pet cemeteries have to follow strict environmental standards that are being monitored by the department for the environment and rural affairs.

The grieving process for a pet that has recently died has proven to be very hard for a lot of people because they treat their pets as if it were a human being.

It is okay to have a pet cemetery so that pets can have a pretty decent burial site but being buried in a cemetery where humans are also being buried is just completely may seem a bit too much.

In the end, people are tempted to make the best of what their money can buy so cemeteries are free to indulge their clients with everything they might need, provided it generates a profit.


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