Make Your Own Beaded Accessories For Your Dog

collarDog accessories can make your pet more attractive and fashionable. However, these accessories can also be very expensive, some even more costly than your own jewelry.

If you want to make your dog stand out but don’t want to spend too much, you should try making accessories for it.

It is very easy to make accessories for pets just like dogs. After all, the only accessory they can wear everyday is a nice collar[dog collar] around their neck and clothes for special occasions. Beads are in and you can use them in making a funky accessory for your best friend.

Making a Beaded Collar

  • Look for leather or any collar of soft material that matches the fur color of your dog.
  • Buy beads of different colors, shapes, and varieties like crystals, plastic, or even metallic.
  • Think of a design and draw it on the collar with a pencil to serve as guide.
  • Sew the beads on the pattern you created on the collar.

Making Beaded Clothes or Costumes

  • Buy a plain set of clothes for your dog.
  • Draw a design or pattern on the cloth using a pencil.
  • Sew different kinds of beads according to the pattern you made.
  • Wash the clothes to get rid of pencil marks.

Who says you have to be a professional designer just to make your dog the star of the neighborhood? By making your own beaded accessories, your dog will truly shine!


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