Know The Characteristics Of Amazon Parrot To Adopt It As A Pet!

Amazon ParrotAre you planning to adopt the most sociable feathered animal as your pet? Then this article is for you.

Amazon parrot is one of the parrot species, which is the most sociable and lovable bird of all the bird species. It is very much attached to the master and always gives attention and grabs attention from them.

Amazons species cannot be characterized, as the species are vast. There are many species and some species are even extinct.

Normal age limit for these Amazons is 50 years; if proper care is taken they can survive up to 60 years also.

The first sight of this bright beautiful Amazon bird makes you learn that these birds are quite intelligent and very sociable even to strangers. But, before you choose these Amazon parrots as your pets, know some things in Amazon bird care.

  • These birds need lot of attention from their owner; they should not be left alone for long periods.
  • These are social and active birds and cannot stay calm. If you want a pet that should be calm at times, then Amazons are not for you.
  • Amazons characteristics are actually compared to the characteristics of monkey. Their mood drifts very easily and at times unmanageable for the owner too.

Characteristics of the Amazon parrot:

As said before, the Amazon parrots are the most lovable and affectionate pets for humans. Their affectionate level is high towards their master that they cannot accept another person or pet near to their master or owner. They even tend to bite their master’s partner if they are near to their owner.

So, for breeding these Amazons, you need to be a devoted pet owner and must spare much of your time in pampering and caring the parrot.

These are very intelligent parrots and are very easily trained. They can remember and mimic many words; they are famous for their talking abilities too.

Normally African grey parrots are known for their talking abilities, but Amazons are not exceptional case. They are not as famous as African grey parrots, but their talking abilities are famous after the African grey parrots talking abilities.

If proper training is provided for the Amazon parrot, it can recognize different colors and name them too. They can identify different objects and can remember them for a long time. They love to learn new phrases and will be glad to show off their tricks to owner and even strangers too.

Cage requirements: Prefer the larger cage [Bird Cage] you can afford for the Amazon parrot. Amazons are very active and need proper exercises. If proper care is not taken, they are even prone to obesity.

So, afford the biggest cage for your Amazon parrot and make sure it gets adequate exercise. Bars are very important accessories in the cages, but perches and cage toys can also be added.

Amazons love playing with different toys and can learn different tricks with bars and perches. When you are breeding small Amazons, make sure that the cage is not too big for the small Amazon.

Health: These are quite healthy birds and an average life span of these birds is 50-80 years, if proper care is taken regarding the health.

Although the life span varies with different Amazon parrot species, these are healthy birds. Amazons put on much weight easily and obesity is the main disease that is unmanageable by many owners.


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