Cat Genie Cat Box To Relieve From The Tension Of Litter Box Cleaning!

cat genieIf you are a feline lover, then you must be familiar with the neatness the cat maintains; it always licks its fur for keeping itself clean.

Cats are one of the pets which are very much conscious about the surroundings they live and their body neatness. When it comes to the litter box, the cats do not use the litter box when it is not clean and hygienic.

Cleaning the litter box can be an agonizing part for every feline lover, as you need to peg your nose and hold your breath in the entire process of cleaning the litter box.

Though the cleaning process is hard, you cannot avoid the cleaning process for the hygiene of the cat. Therefore, the best answer to this problem is the cat genie cat box, which is a cat litter box.

This litter box is very intelligent and cuts down your tension in cleaning. This cat genie is intelligent to wash, sanitize and dry the box without your presence.

All you need to do is connect the cat genie cat box to the water line in the laundry or the bathroom and give an AC outlet. The unique system in the cat genie has washable granules that are scrubbed by a hand present in the genie box itself.

Sanisolution will decontaminate the granules after washing and hot air is passed into the box for giving a sparkling effect to the box and granules in which the cat litters.

The cat genie comes with a cartridge which is filled with Sanisoultion that is good for 60 washes of the litter box and the granules present in the box can last up to 4-6 months.

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