A Place Where Horses Can Find Rescue From Stormy Parts Of Their Life

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue is a place, where horses are getting special care. The Pennsylvania based rescue is one of the few places in the country, where the old or the sick horses are taken care off.

The noble rescue society is providing another service – it is giving a chance for adopting a horse.

Angel Acres is now caring for 28 horses, all of them are being saved from the slaughter pipeline or owners, which were planning to kill the animals.

The noble idea of the Angel Acres owners came after they saw a statistic, which surely can be called alarming.

The official animal care organizations have been warning about the tragic end of some horses. Most of them are left to slaughter, especially those who once was race horses and doesn’t serve any purpose anymore. Other horses have been killed for human consumption, which was the reason why the owners decided to build Angel Acres Horse Haven.

The rescue is now famous for its special care and treatment, as well as adopting baby horses and suggesting those to new owners. In the U.S., there are several places like Angel Acres; many of them are built by organizations in order to provide care for the horses in trouble.


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