Common Allergies Among Pets

In the same way that we humans are afflicted with irritating and sometimes debilitating allergies, our pets are too.

Through contact, inhalation or intake/ingestion, allergies are caused in pets in much the same way that they are among humans:

  • Commonly found among pets are contact allergies. They come into contact with certain plants (in particular oily ones; the residue of which will cling to fur) that cause allergies. Materials such as carpets or carpet fresheners, chemicals found in household cleaners and even dust can cause allergies. They can manifest in sores or rashes or changes in skin color.
  • Inhalation allergies can be caused with the same things that cause human allergies such as dust, pollen, certain perfumes, smoke (particularly tobacco smoke) etc. These may trigger reactions that could be misdiagnosed as infections because they can cause cough, sniffling, congestion, sneezing and watery eyes.
  • Animals can also be allergic to dairy, certain grains and meat products, so food allergies are also present among them. These allergies are difficult to identify since you would not think to blame food as being the culprit of a seeming illness.

Pet allergies are treated much the same way as humans’; with antihistamines and hypoallergenic products.


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