Microchip Implant Used To Monitor Dog’s Breeding

Technology is really something that people have come to rely on in order to make life a little bit easier.

However, if you are a dog owner, dog lover, or in the market for a dog in Britain today, it just got a little harder.

In-breeding has become a major problem in Britain and measures are sought to prevent it.

Research have shown that ninety percent of bulldogs cannot give birth the natural way as a result of in-breeding and King Charles’ spaniel are now suffering from syringomyelia, which causes them a lot of pain because their brains are becoming too big for their skulls. Those are one of the reasons why in-breeding should be prevented.

To prevent this, an amendment called the Defra amend, has made it compulsory for dogs to be implanted with microchips so they could  be monitored for serious diseases and the surgery operations that are done to them will also be monitored.

This particular amendment will affect more than six million households that have dogs in Britain, referring to the pedigree pets covering about three quarters of the dogs that are in households today.

Prof. Bateson, the one who conducted the report, initially said that it should be voluntary and up to the buyer to check if the dog has a microchip and should take the decision if they should get a puppy with a microchip implant.

However, eventually the person that purchases the dog should implant a microchip and heavy sanctions and fines will be given to those who didn’t register the dog legally. The kennel club has agreed to this and puts the costs of the microchip to about 25 pounds.

There are some recommendations that have been made so that people can avoid buying puppies that have diseases very common to certain breeds[dog breed]] and also to prevent the purchase of the dogs that were bred by in a certain type of breeding.

One very good recommendation is that, when buying a puppy, the mother of the dog that you wish to buy should be present. This is part of a much better accredited breeder scheme meant to prevent people from dog farming or buying dogs over the internet.

Also, an independent Dog breeding advisory council will also be created to actually guide buyers through this process. Prof. Bateson said that dogs that have been bred with other dogs that are too closely related should be made illegal and that breeders should be actually prevented to encourage such a procedure.

That is why trying to monitor the dogs will prevent the numerous health problems caused by a close genetic relation between the parents of the little puppy, which in the end will cost the owners a lot of cash to try and make the life of their beloved pets bearable.

Having implanted a microchip will be able to prevent this and it will be much more easy for officials and other dog experts to be able to monitor the diseases that are becoming more and more frequent at particular breeds and it would be a lot easier to know the medical histories of each dog that is in English households today.



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