How To Take Appropriate Care For Gold Fish?

Gold FishYou will find wide varities of goldfishes. Carassius auratus and Asian carp are the most common types of goldfishes.

These goldfishes are temperate fishes found in lakes, cold streams and ponds.

These fishes can be found in the part of Eastern Europe and throughout Asia.

Appropriate care is essential for these fishes even though it is easy to care for them. In healthy environment, gold fish can live up to 50 years.

Selecting suitable aquarium for goldfish:

Glass bowl is not the best aquarium for goldfish. These glass bowls will be suitable for baby goldfish. If you provide proper care for your fish, it can grow up to 8 to 15cm.

Keeping this in mind, buy a fish tank which has an ideal size of 60×30×30cm and which can hold 50 liters of water. Try to keep one thing in mind while selecting the fish tank for your fish i.e., you have to provide 20 liters of water for 1 large goldfish.


Goldfish flakes or pallets are the staple diet for it. Provide 2 to 3 small feeds per day and while feeding follow the instructions which are present on the pot/packet of the flakes. Overfeeding is the greatest cause for the death of goldfish.

So, you should provide 5 minutes for your fish to consume the food and remove the left over food after five minutes. If you neglect to remove the leftover food, it will pollute the water and becomes toxic for your fish.


You should maintain the cleanness in the tank either by arranging the filter in it or by changing the 25% of the water for at least one time in a week. The water present in the fish tank contains good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria. So, your fish will become much healthier by changing 25% of water more frequently.

Don’t forget to watch out for diseases in your goldfish. Diseases will affect the fish because of overcrowding, rough handling and dirty water. Usually, the sick goldfish will rest at the bottom of the tank by drooping its fins and tails.

So, by keeping these things in mind, you can maintain the goldfish tank effectively.


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