Things to Know about your Newly Bought Gold Fish

Goldfish is one of the most popular variety of freshwater fish in the world and is a beautiful creature to own and to look at. It is an ideal fish for any aquarium owner or pet fish enthusiast who is just beginning to buy and care for fish because of ease of care and its beautiful cosmetics.

Yes, it may be easy to care for this fish variety but this in no way means that your newly bought gold fish doesn’t need any care at all. There are many things about gold fish which you may not be aware of in the beginning and the following are a few of those things that you ought to know for its proper care.

in front of a white backgroundGold Fish are Messy Creatures

Gold fishes are very messy creatures and start laying feces very early on. This happens because gold fish are big time eaters and their body makes feces often. This is also one of the common reasons for early deaths in gold fishes. Since they lay feces often, the fish tank gets toxic with ammonia.

Need Different Types of Foods for Proper Nutrition

If you thought that you’ll keep feeding your gold fish the same kind of food then you are mistaken. You must feed them a variety of food to meet their nutritional requirements. They have a problem with constipation and may thus need a rounded diet.

Goldfish are Omnivores

Goldfish eat almost anything which comes in touch with their mouths. They eat worms, insects and even algae from time to time. So keep in mind that you may need to feed them non-veg food items as well for rounded nutrition.

Life Expectancy of 5 to 12 Years

Did you know that the life expectancy of a gold fish is anywhere between 5 to 12 years? Yes, gold fish die quickly often but that is only due to your lack of care or maintenance of fish bowls.

They get Lonely Easily

If you have only one goldfish in a tank they you must know that it is likely to get very lonely. It is important that you choose the right partner for your gold fish.

Goldfish Compete for Feeding

When you leave multiple goldfish in a tank, then you must be ready to see some competition as far as feeding is concerned. These are super hungry creatures and may thus fight for their food.


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