Some Amazing Ways to Take Care of your Pet Fish

Fish come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and breeds. Fish may seem really cool and manageable creatures in a tank or aquarium; afterall all they do the entire day is swim across. But ask a pet owner how difficult it may get to take care of pet fish. Not only do they have to worry about fish food, exposure to chemicals and putting two fish in the same tank but also cleanliness of the tank and a lot more! If you are a new pet owner, then the following given tips will help you to take care of your pet fish:

ways to take care of your pet fish

  • The first step is to get an appropriate sized tank for your fish. For this, you will need to decide in advance how many fish you wish to put in the tank. For different fish, there are different size specifications and you may need to check that before getting the tank.
  • You must then get all the required and proper equipment such as the heaters, filters, water conditioners, test kit etc. buy these from a reliable fish equipment store. These equipments will go a long way in taking care of the fish.
  • The next step is to build the population of the tank slowly. Adding too many fish at once can overload the filtration system and must be avoided.
  • For proper care of the fish, it is important that the water in the tank is clean and for this it is important to change it partially every week. Change of about 20-30% is good enough.
  • Another important tip to take care of your fish or pet fish is to test the water regularly for ammonia, nitrate, and nitrate. There should be 0% ammonia in the water, 0% nitrite in the water and fewer than 40% of nitrate in the water of the water tank.
  • It is very important to feed your fish not more than twice or thrice in a day. Any amount less than this will be less than required and any amount more than this will mean overfeeding it.
  • You may need to monitor your fish every now and then. For this you will need to sit down and observe it for anything strange such as falling off fins, change in color, damaged tails. Your fish must also be getting along well with one another to ensure that everything is well in the tank.


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