Goldfish Maintenance Tips For Children

goldfishGoldfish are the ideal pet for children because they are economic, attractive to children and only need a simple maintenance regimen. [Goldfish care]

Most parents obtain them for their kids as a trial run to get the kids used to having responsibilities.

These pets are in abundance and in wide variations of color, shape and sizes.

  • Goldfish do not require grooming or training, they offer children minimum responsibilities as they only need a clean bowl and food. They can be fed at anytime all you need to do is take two minutes to pour flakes or pellets into the bowl.
  • Although gold fish are low maintenance it is vital to supervise and assist your child when it comes to cleaning and water changing. Some things are scientific beyond the child’s reach and the child will need your wisdom to explain it.
  • Their bowls only require cleaning every few weeks and the task is not difficult as goldfish do not require lots of fancy equipment or toys for entertainment.
  • Gold fish saves you lots of money that you would spend on a fish tank and all its additional equipment, so the least you can do is provide your gold fish with a tank that is not too big or too small. Keeping it clean and supplied with fresh water would also be greatly appreciated.
  • Before replacing the water, you should first leave the new water for twenty four hours; this will make sure that the gases are released. The temperature will also drop to match the tank’s temperature. A thermometer specially designed for aquariums will help you gauge the right temperature.
  • If it is too cold your fish will get ill and pass away. Water must be replenished in moderation so that it does not cause shock to your goldfish. A sudden change in temperature or chemicals will cause hardship for your fish.
  • A siphon must be utilized to clean the poop out of the tank once a week. The algae in the bowl should be scraped off the glass but left in the bowl for the goldfish to feed on.
  • A siphon will also assist to make sure that you have replaced only a quarter of the water. It allows you to clean your fish bowl with little disturbance and less spillage. Leaving the fish tank dirty will shorten your fish’s life span whereas the right food and a clean environment will elongate it.


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