Best Foods For Your Tropical Fish

You have successfully purchased your fish tank, your tropical fish, and decorated it all creatively, using your imagination and ideas.

However, you are suddenly struck with the thought: do I really know what to feed my tropical fish? How many times a day must I feed them? Is there a correct method for feeding them? How will I make sure my fish remain healthy and happy?

Choosing fish food:

Don’t worry, here are a few points to help you head in the right direction.

Remember, different tropical fish species will need different types of food, and you as a proud owner must make sure that the diet is varied, so that your fish will be able to obtain the maximum nutrients possible from their food.

Algae for your fish: Certain tropical fish, even predators, enjoy algae in the wild, and if you keep your fish tank scrubbed clean of algae, then your fish will suffer from malnutrition. The trick is to provide your tropical fish with plant material so that it remains healthy for a long time.

The type of food to choose: Remember, the type of food you choose will depend upon the species of your fish, its age, and its specific requirements.

Food from pet shops: You can choose your fish food from the wide variety available in the market today.

Prepare the food yourself: Or, you can prepare the food yourself, keeping in mind the specific nutritional requirements of the species in your fish tank.

Feed your fish live food: On the other hand, you can also feed your fish live food like plankton, which you can capture from ponds, tubifex or microworms, earthworms and redworms, all of which can be obtained easily.

Make sure live food is fresh! Although these can be the best food for your fish, a note of caution is needed here: you must ensure that the live food is absolutely fresh and that there is no sign of decay, because fish are prone to disease, and you do not want to give your fish an infection which you could have avoided, had you been more careful.

Never over feed your fish: No matter what you feed your tropical fish, stay wary of over feeding. Not only will this cause obesity in your fish, but it will also lead to a tendency to avoid spawning.

Make sure you feed only as much as your fish can consume in 3 to 5 minutes, and not more. This way, you can avoid over feeding, as well as keep your fish tank clean of leftover and decomposing food.

Stay informed, and feed your fish the best food so that they can remain healthy and vigorous for a long time to come.


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