Basic Steps To Follow In Tropical Fish Growth!

Tropical FishComparing with other fish species, tropical fish breeding attracts many because of its easy maintenance.

It does not need much attention than an aquarium plant.

It has beautiful bright colored body and there are large varieties of tropical fishes.

The set up of tropical fish aquarium even gives an artistic appeal to the home and the environment.

Selecting a perfect tropical fish is also very important. When you try to reach the fish and if the fish hides behind the plants, that fish is not preferable for your aquarium. The fishes which do not hide behind the plants and which respond to you are preferable for house hold environment.

The aquarium set up also plays a vital role in the survival of the tropical fish. Afford for the biggest aquarium you can get. Big aquariums will maintain the water temperature stable and care will be easier. Placing in a big aquarium gives your tropical fishes more water resulting healthier fishes.

Fishes should have plenty space to hide when feel like threatening. Aquarium should be away from sunlight as direct sun light will increase the temperature of the water and a form of algae is formed.

When you get the fish, it’s not so easy to get adjusted in the new environment. Keep the light in the aquarium even at nights, as the tropical fish need to adjust to the environment of the aquarium and make sure that there are no predators to threaten it.

The feeding is always not the same. Tropical fish may not recognize the food given to it when it is in the aquarium. So, when starting feeding for a tropical aquarium fish, a chemically constructed food is given to it.

With this, the receptors of the tropical fish are stimulated and the fish recognize the food. Other tropical fishes need some disturbance while scattering food in the water whereas other fishes prefer to find their food in the tank at their own time.

You should also know how much food is necessary for a tropical fish and how often it should be fed. Feed them daily and in enough quantity as over feeding will kill your fish.

The main disadvantage of the tropical fish is that they die very easily if small to small difficulty is aroused. But tropical fish does not need much care than an aquarium plant. So, the main care is, water should be clean with chlorine free supporting the survival of the fish.

Some necessary accessories in the tank:

  • Filter to clean the waste and debris in the tank. The filter sucks in the water, cleans it and again return to the tank.
  • Tropical fishes are used to swim in warm water. So, a tank heater is necessary to maintain a stable temperature in the tank. Common way of maintaining the temperature is to place a light. It is a cheapest and safest way without harming your pets.
  • Chemical cleaning agents to keep your fish tank clean. These chemicals do not harm the fishes, but work well in cleaning and purifying water.

Water should be changed regularly. At least 20% of water should be changed every 30 days. Check water temperature, PH and hardness daily. Don’t change the water temperature abruptly; maintain a certain temperature all the time.

Algae and natural rooted plants are natural habitats for the tropical fishes. This set up will provide your fish a natural environment, which they expect to live.

These basic tips will help you to have a healthy and happy tropical fish.


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