Dogs Are Dependable Friends With Special Feelings

dog adoptA few years ago I was considering adopting a dog especially because my little daughter had a broken arm and I wanted to make her happy and grant her a wish she had since forever and get one.

From this experience I found out that pets help us when we are sad and when we are ill, their presence makes us feel their energy and our body enjoys their presence.

Dogs have the gift to take the stress off our shoulders and help us in tough times when we try to face unfortunate events.

Their friendship, loyalty and wisdom transform them in the perfect companions during illness time and their love really has the power to heal.

I saw the child of my friend becoming completely different after his family adopted a puppy. I must admit I found hard to believe that a boy with obvious socialization and communication problems, started to carry conversations with his neighbors, getting better results in school and starting to spend more time outside playing with the dog instead of inside at the computer.

I knew that dogs were used to treat children with autism motivating them to interact but I must say I was more surprised to see my own children becoming more responsible and more carrying after they received the puppies I promised them.

dog training1Can you imagine a mother’s surprise when she sees her young ones cleaning after the dog, feeding it, bathing it and doing their little best to train it? [dog training tips]

I must admit that if I would have tried to make them take care of a little animal they would have resented it but this way they have become “little responsible masters” and I believe that was very well.

I went on my belief, inherited from my mom, that the dogs have special senses that allows them to feel the danger or any kind of discomfort the owner has.

So while my kids came down with fever I could not help but notice that our dog wouldn’t move from their room doorway. It was simply standing there looking at them through the door.

Another example would be my chemotherapy sessions that usually left me drained of power and will. Our dog would come and put it’s head on my feet that were hurting so bad and stood there until I felt asleep.

When it saw me waking up, it raised his head and looked to see if I were ok. I am sure it somehow knew how badly I was feeling and it was just trying to help.

As surprising as it may seem, the dogs are a great help around a person with diabetes.

My husband is on insulin and sometimes because of the effort of working in the garden or playing with the kids, his blood sugar level drops beyond normal.

dog barkingThe dog always feels it, ever since it was a puppy.

Every time my husband starts feeling “funny” the dog starts barking, insisting until it sees him going to eat something.

I think a dog is literally a treasure in anyone’s house.

It helps with keeping children occupied and responsible and also is a great addition to a family’s good will and understanding.


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