Crate Training Your Puppy: How To Correctly Crate Train Your Puppy?

puppy crateYou have recently adopted a puppy and your first task is to house train her.

You have heard advice from many different people including the completely false myth of ‘rubbing their noses in it’ afterward.

Please do not adhere to this archaic form of cruelty this does not teach them anything. Instead, crate train your puppy. [Puppy training techniques]

Begin by familiarizing your puppy with the crate. The crate or kennel should be big enough for your puppy to turn around in and comfortably stand. Not too much bigger however. If you continue to crate train throughout your dog’s life you will need to upgrade in kennels and purchase a few more in your dog’s lifetime.

Basically anytime your attention is not 100% on your puppy he or she will be in the kennel. This is so important because the only way to teach your puppy they need to be going to the bathroom outside is to catch them going to the bathroom inside.

If you are paying attention to your puppy and they start smelling around chances are they are going to urinate. Once they start to urinate begin repeating the word ‘no’ over and over.

Do not yell or shout just firmly say ‘no’. Then gently take your puppy outside and say ‘ok!’ and set them down.

Within a week your puppy will be housetrained.


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