Proper Care And Grooming Tips For German Shepherd Dog!

German shepherd dogThe first look at the German shepherd dog can make you understand that the dog is strong, agile, alert, full of life and well muscled animal.

This is the most versatile breed of all dog species. The German shepherd dogs are well known for their intelligence, energy, stability, undying loyalty, versatility and strength. These can be trained very easily [More about dog breeds].

Basic things to know before getting the German shepherd dog:

These are the most important things to remember while you are breeding German shepherd dog.

  • German shepherd dog is not a backyard dog or a kennel dog
  • Not at all sociable with strangers
  • Have high energy levels and expects the same from its owner
  • Not at all submissive with other dogs
  • Should not be left alone for long hours, always need time-to-time attention
  • Dog training is the most important task
  • Always demands attention from the owner and should not be neglected

The positive sides of breeding a German shepherd dog are:

  • These are family dogs and get along with every one in the family
  • These are the best companions for alone persons
  • These are working dogs and need proper exercise.
  • These are very much protective towards their owner and fierce towards strangers
  • Sociable with children and do not tend to hurt them

If you can fulfill all these requirements to your dog, then you can breed a German shepherd dog.

German shepherd dog care and grooming:

As other dog species, German shepherd dog also needs special care and grooming [Dog care guidelines].

Dog grooming: The German shepherd dogs are double-coated breeds. It has two coats- down type under coat and a longer hair course as an external course. If the dog’s active levels are normal, the dog needs regular brushing. If the German shepherd dog is extremely active, it requires daily brushing and once in a week bathing.

Exercise: German shepherd dogs are highly active dogs with full of energy. Therefore, these dogs need exercise. Proper exercise and training are necessary for a happy dog and owner. The exercise should include both physical and mental exercise. The physical exercise depends on the German shepherd dog age and activity level.

Mental exercise is necessary for creating a well-balanced and mannered German shepherd dog. Obedience sessions are very important for mental exercise.

Brushing: The German shepherd dogs love brushing and loved to be cuddled very often. 3-4 times brushing per week is generally prescribed for normal dogs. The dogs with long coats require much concern. Use a ‘slicker’ brush once in a week while brushing the coat of the dog. Regular brushing can make your shepherd stand still and enjoy the session.

Ears: The ears of the German shepherd dogs are very fluffy and thick with hair. Mites love to hide in these places. Regular check up is suggested for dogs with longer coats. Wax is formed in the ears, so consult your vet and ask for authorized German shepherd dog products to clean the wax in the ears. While bathing, avoid water dripping into the ears as the water accumulated in the ear canal can develop infection.

Toenails: Always be cautious about the nail growth. German shepherd dogs are very fierce dogs and need special care when meeting with strangers. Check the nails in weekly basis and make sure the nails do not grow extensively. Cut them from time-to-time; if you fear to cut the nails then at least trim the nails.

Brushing: Check the teeth once in a month and have dental check up once in a year. Brush your dog’s teeth at least thrice in a week for strong teeth. Teeth will accumulate tartar if proper care is not taken. Never use human tooth pastes for dogs. Always check the paste you are using for your dog is edible or not.

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