Bully Breeds: Born or Educated?

Most American pet lovers truly feel that even if dogs belong to the bully breeds, they can be safe pets provided they are trained well. Bully breeds include Rottweilers, Pit bulls, Chow Chows, Dobermans and German shepherds. These breeds are believed to be vicious by nature thus not good as pet choices.

Most pet lovers believe that a dog is as good or as bad as the owner. A dog that has been trained to be friendly and well behaved will do so irrespective of its breed and a dog that has been trained to be suspicious and vicious with others will behave accordingly.

Bully BreedsA recent survey, conducted among pet owners, shows that almost 60% of them believe that dogs from bully breeds should be allowed in residential societies, while almost 38% of them wanted to have the bully breeds banned.

Despite their agreeing about allowing bully breeds almost all of them did not favor the pit bull when asked about this specific breed. Apart from this, most of them requested all large breeds to be also banned.

Most of the older pet owners who were polled, voted for the ban on certain breeds, whereas the younger generation welcomed them into their homes. On the same note parents with pets favored the ban but couples with no kids were not in favor of the ban. Parents definitely did not want to take risks with breeds like pit bulls.

There are many who believe that young guys prefer to have bigger dogs. It is almost a status symbol to be seen walking these muscle dogs. They tend to carry the don’t-mess -with-me attitude, supporting the fact that a dog is only as good as its owner.

Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan begs people to make a difference and states that each dog should be evaluated on its own merits. He believes that each dog is different and the right environment and training will keep its social manners in line with any society rule.


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