Pomeranian Dogs Facts

In case you like dogs, keep in mind that a Pomeranian isn’t just a cute little fur ball. If you get one, you might end up with more that you bargained for. This is why it is important to know about Pomeranian dog facts so that you will be a prepared owner.

Pomeranian Dogs Facts


Although they are relatively small dogs, you should know that they are very intelligent and they come with a strong personality. Because of this, it might be difficult to train them. However, if you show the dog that you are the leader, they will listen to you and they will become easier to train.

Spitz dogs

Believe it or not, that their ancestors were the larger Spitz dogs. These were used to hunt, pull sleds and to guard. Maybe this is why the majority of the Pomeranians believe that they are tough dogs.


One of the most important things that you should know is that they are loyal dogs. Usually they choose one family member who will be their favorite and most probably they will listen to them. This way the given person will become the trainer.


One of the most important pieces of information about Pomeranian dogs is that they like to bark and they can become annoying. However, this is something that you could control with training. If you can show the dog that you are the alpha leader, most probably he will bark less.

The tail

They have a long and puffy tail. This isn’t only for esthetics. While the dog is sleeping, he covers his nose with this tail to keep it warm. The nose of the dog is quite long and it is meant to cool air down by the time it reaches the lungs.

General information

If the dog is properly cared for, it could live up to 12-16 years. Usually they grow to 3-7 pounds by the time they become adults and their height is usually of 8-11 inches. Since the name of the dogs is long to say, they are often referred to as Pom.

Keep in mind all these Pomeranian dog facts when considering getting a dog of this kind. They are quite a handful.


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