25 Unique And Fun Halloween Costumes For Your Canine

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Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up in a costume – but it’s not a holiday just for humans. Pet Halloween costumes are becoming popular in recent years, so you can dress your canine up in style with a Halloween costume for dogs.

Why not get your best friend a fabulous costume and have a little fun this Halloween. Because dogs are so friendly and obedient they are easy to dress up and they still greet you with a wagging tail.

It shows that you really care about your canine and you want to include them in anything and everything.

Here are 25 unique and fun Halloween costumes to select for your canine.

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  1. Mags says:

    I’ve never seen anything so daft in all my life. Don’t you realise these are DOGS not KIDS. Give them the respect they deserve, don’t make them objects of ridicule. I know its only a bit of harmless fun, but pictures like these make my blood boil.

  2. JESSICA says:

    Check out our dog blog for great NYC dog photography, and lots of funny costumes!

  3. brenda says:

    oh my goddess nothing like embarrassing your poor dog lol..too cute.

  4. okay says:

    first of all, I’d say only three or so of them were unique. and secondly, there was a ton of repeat costumes…5 witches, 2 bee’s, skunk one was there like three times.

  5. Brian says:

    Mags is this really something that makes you mad? Wow there are other things in this world that should make you angry.

  6. gale says:

    I am with Brian response #5. I find it cute and funny… SO what if people dress up thier animals it better then comitting a crime and at least they care enough about the animal then to leave it in the back yard and ignore them.. Animals are not hurt by putting on costumes. SO what if they are treated like someones child its better then raising shitty kids which is most of the kids now a days. Mags get over your self and get a life. Why dont worry about world peace, hunger, abuse, anything else but what people are putting on THIER pets… You make my blood boil being a fool.

  7. erinnic says:

    First of all, pets don’t care what you put on them, and it does not embarrass them, because they don’t know embarrassment. Second of all, they love you and when they notice you laughing at them or petting them, they feel better because you, their owner whom they love and want to please, is pleased and it makes them happy, not embarrassed. So let people dress their pets up! The most hurt it could do the pet would be them feeling a little bit awkward or uncomfortable if they are unused to wearing clothes.

  8. turisuna says:

    Cute costumes, but I’m wondering … if the dogs can talk, what will they say about themselves if they see the mirror :)

  9. This is an interesting thing but my dogs would never wear costumes. They would tear them off.

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