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sterilized cat

Consider the Age and Sex of the Sterilized Cat

Many owners flirt with the idea of sterilizing the house cat under the impression that this way, their natural ability to disappear would be limited. However, the breeds are quite different when it comes to sterilization and if you plan to be a cat owner you should also consider the age of the cat. A […]

stress in cats

Stress – The Major Health Concern in Cats

Taking care of your feline pet involves both physical and mental care of the cats. Cats are sensitive creatures and experience stress easily. If the stress is not taken care of in time, it can lead to distress and physical problems. One of the major reasons for feline stress is any kind of change in […]

dogs childhood

Dog’s Childhood – Things You Should Know About It

Between the age of 2 months and puberty the dog experiences the most important moments in its life, moments that will be responsible for its future development and evolution. This is the time interval when the largest number of vaccinations is done and also the time with the most visits to the vet. In order […]

loving pet

Pet Love – Real or Just a Show-off?

In case you are a pet owner, you surely know that your pet has emotions about you and your family members. Many people are wondering if the dogs are really capable of feeling love, but for those that have dogs in their home, they know: yes, they can. Your personality and the personality of the […]


The Canary – Tips to Grow the Singer Bird

The melodious song of the canary brought to these charming birds the status of the most beloved apartment pet birds in the world. The canary needs a lot of space but other than that they are easy to take care of and they easily adapt to any environment. When you buy a canary, look for […]