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pet names

Pet Names – What’s In?

Pets are increasingly being considered as members of the family and are enjoying an equal status in the family too. Thus it is no wonder that when it comes to naming pets, a lot of thought goes into it. It may come as a surprise but one of the most popular names for pets is […]

dog vets

Animal Behaviorists – The New Professionals to Solve Your Dog Issues

Perhaps you never had heard of this occupation, but the animal behaviorist can actually help you, if you are having issues with your dog or cat. Many people consider dog trainers as the right decision for this matter, but actually the right specialists, when it comes to complex behavioral issues, are the animal behaviorists. For […]

dog training

Teach Your Dog to Mind Its Mouth

There are surely dogs with really bad temper, but any pet owner will try to train his dog. Here is some advice how to cut down the puppy mouthing, for this is a bad practice. You need to help your puppy learn to curb this mouthy behavior, therefore start training your puppy, while it is […]

fish tank

Fresh Water Fish Tank Care – from Cleaning to Refilling

Once you have finished installing the fresh water fish tank and you are completely satisfied about how good it looks, all you have to do is sit comfortably in a cozy armchair and relax while watching the colorful movement of your pet fish. Still you should consider that the beauty of this specific activity is […]


Pets and the Fear of Fireworks

It is a well-known fact that dogs fear fireworks. The pets get stressed by the noise and by the illuminations, so here are few holiday tips on how to avoid such a stress. First of all, don’t take your pets to such events. If the fireworks are going to be near your home, find a […]