Consider the Age and Sex of the Sterilized Cat

Many owners flirt with the idea of sterilizing the house cat under the impression that this way, their natural ability to disappear would be limited. However, the breeds are quite different when it comes to sterilization and if you plan to be a cat owner you should also consider the age of the cat.

sterilized catA future cat owner must be aware of the fact that the sterilized cats change their behavior. The behavioral change is very different depending on the sex of the cat as well as on the breed your cat belongs to.

A sterilized male will be far less indolent compared to a female and it will keep a part of his wondering habits.

If you have a sterilized cat at home and you feel the need of bringing in one more, the ideal is to choose a cat of the opposite sex to the one you already have. This is how you can avoid the future territorial conflicts specific for two stranger cats.

You should know that the sterilized cats manifest the breed characteristics stronger. This is how a Siamese will be far more attached to its master while a Persian will become more placid and comfort loving.

When the cats are sterilized they tend to become fatter. This is why a male can weigh between 5-7 kg while a sterilized female will be 1 kg lighter. The largest sterilized cat is known to be a Main Coon with a 12.5 kg and the smallest is a Singapura with only 2.7 kg.

Sterilizing an adult cat can come with additional challenges. Many owners are avoiding to adopt an adult cat from the pet shelters. This is because the cats there are mostly coming from an environment where they were either wild or abused.

Still adopting such a cat is a good idea because those cats are already treated, vaccinated and sterilized and all of them can be tamed with patience and dedication.

It is true that getting close to an adult cat is far harder than getting close to a kitten but the result is equally rewarding. You should be aware that such a cat can become the most affectionate creature and the most faithful companion provided you take on the challenge and offer the cat significant amount of your time.

A kitten can offer the owner the joy and satisfaction specific to its cuteness but keep in mind that mature cats need love too.


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