Stress – The Major Health Concern in Cats

Taking care of your feline pet involves both physical and mental care of the cats. Cats are sensitive creatures and experience stress easily. If the stress is not taken care of in time, it can lead to distress and physical problems.

stress in catsOne of the major reasons for feline stress is any kind of change in their environment or routine. This is more so if the cat has not undergone any kind of stress as a young kitten. They are unable to handle changes whether temporary or permanent.

Factors like any change in their feeding schedule, shifting of their litter pan, a new food and change of caretakers can lead to stress in cats.  Temporary factors like arrival of guests or workmen can also lead to stress. Permanent factors like the arrival of a new baby or other cats can create real cat nervous breakdowns.

A stressed cat may show its displeasure in various ways, it may become too clingy, refuse to go out (if the factor lies outside), stay out longer, vomit, refuse to use the litter box and defecate where it can be easily noticed, etc. Each cat will react differently and it’s up to the owner to notice these symptoms, especially if they occur suddenly in an otherwise healthy cat.

The easiest way to handle it is to identify and remove the factors causing stress. If these factors can’t be changed, the cat needs to be handled with care. Make the cat feel more secure and help it accept the change.


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