Dog’s Childhood – Things You Should Know About It

Between the age of 2 months and puberty the dog experiences the most important moments in its life, moments that will be responsible for its future development and evolution.

dogs childhoodThis is the time interval when the largest number of vaccinations is done and also the time with the most visits to the vet.

In order for the owner to be completely aware about what he should expect from his dog during this period of time, he or she should not hesitate to get informed.

This is important because the slightest problem of communication and disagreement between you and your dog during this time can have repercussions on its future development.

For the dog this specific time of life is all about integrating information it learned until then and also develop its social skills. It is also the time of detaching from the mother and associating with the social group it will belong to from this moment on.

Technically the period in discussion starts from the moment of the first departure from the nest at the age of around 12 weeks. This is when the puppy starts socializing with somebody else than its siblings and mother.

In the natural environment between the age of two months and puberty the dog is educated by its mother and the adult individuals present in its life are teaching it specific ritual behaviors. The pet dog at this age is selected and adopted by the new owners.

It gets in touch with hierarchy and the steps it would identify inside of the dog pack. This is the time when the puppy integrates in the human world and has to fight several stages of distress: separation from the mother, getting in contact with unknown strangers, forming new food habits and feeling where exactly does it belong.

Between 2 and 4 months the most important part of the dog’s education is socialization. This is the time when the dog learns who and what to approach, what are the things it can and cannot play with and develops the connection with its owners.

After 4 months the dog has a full grip over its movements, speed and bite. It is no longer stressed by the outside environment and it is rather cautious than curious. It can interact with strangers and manifest the first signs of territorial behavior.
Until the puberty, the dog will develop continuously; this is why it is important for the owner to offer it the attention and training it needs.


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