Pet Love – Real or Just a Show-off?

In case you are a pet owner, you surely know that your pet has emotions about you and your family members. Many people are wondering if the dogs are really capable of feeling love, but for those that have dogs in their home, they know: yes, they can.

loving petYour personality and the personality of the dog are very different, so don’t expect your dog to love you like a human being would.

What you really get is the joy that your dog feels when you are around. Surely it isn’t only about the cookies or the food that you are giving it. Dogs need attention, in order to show you emotions.

According to the specialists, all kinds of pets are capable of the so called “love-respect”. Like any other animal in the nature, the pet feels the human as a leader, so it instinctively feels that the human is capable of controlling its life.

The dogs characters are different; so they express their feelings differently. Most of the pets are too attached with their pet owners.

According to a recent research those kinds of dogs adore their owners and feel like their slaves. These are usually calm dogs that express their joy during games.

pet lovingThere are also wilder dogs that show their love by greeting exuberantly their owners.

This shows that if a dog is attached to a family member, he will soon be the center of the dog’s universe.

This kind of love isn’t healthy for the pet, for it makes it addicted to the owner.

On the contrary, there are dogs that are very independent, especially if they have a dominant and confident nature.

These dogs are not likely to show you their love, but they require attention in order to tolerate their emotions. A recent scientific research has also come up with a proving theory that pets do show their love by different signs.

If your pet is licking you, protecting you, wanting to be with you and being excited when you are around, it is sure that this is its way to love.

The cats can show love too. They do it by purring, following you, rubbing against you and cuddling. If a cat is bringing you presents like dead mice this is surely her way to say “I love you”. Don’t forget that whatever you are doing, you should tolerate and comfort your pets, for this is the way to stimulate their emotions.


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