The Canary – Tips to Grow the Singer Bird

The melodious song of the canary brought to these charming birds the status of the most beloved apartment pet birds in the world. The canary needs a lot of space but other than that they are easy to take care of and they easily adapt to any environment.

canaryWhen you buy a canary, look for an active, perky bird. The feathers should be soft and shiny and the eyes should sparkle.

Catch the canary and hold it on your palm feeling its chest. If the chest bone is easy to feel the bird is most likely underfed. Listen to the bird’s breath and if you hear a clinking kind of sound the bird may have a pulmonary disease.

The canary is the right bird for people who like to admire the birds in their cage. Although they are easy to tame, they don’t like to be touched or handled.

A pet canary should be fed with small special grain specific to their species; you can buy it from any pet store.

Along with this grain the canary needs green vegetation like lettuce, watercress and green dandelion. They also like thin slices of apples, grapes, melons and Brussels sprouts. The boiled eggs are excellent for young canaries or for adult canaries during mating period.

If your canary is strictly on a seed diet, it will need vitamin supplements. The vitamins can be placed in soft foods like eggs and bread or they can be dissolved into water. Still the water jar or bottle must be cleaned daily. The water from the canary cage must be changed every 24 h because fresh water is mandatory for the bird’s survival.

So far the cage is concerned the small canaries are very active; so in order for them to get the activity they need, they must be offered enough movement space to jump or fly.

The cage must be at least 150 cm wide and the base of it must be covered with paper. The owner should examine the defecation of the bird daily when cleaning the cage. A careful monitoring would indicate the signs of illness very quickly. The normal canary poop is round and hard, black or colored depending on the diet of the bird.

The canary usually sings from the very early age. They tend to get noisier when they are agitated. So expect them to sing a lot when you are entertaining a large number of guests.


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