Pet Wedding – Walk Your Dog Down the Aisle

For many people that don’t have pets, there are many pet owners that are too obsessed with their animals.

Actually people who have pets in their homes are most likely changed, for the sake of their favorite animals. Being a pet owner isn’t only a matter of providing the food and the shelter. It is more than that.

pet wedding

Having a pet means you are ready to take all kind of responsibilities to please your pet just as you please your children. Of course there are many pet owners that are ready to take the things to the extreme only to please their darling furry friends.

It may sound odd, but the dog’s wedding is getting more and more popular with each single day. The animal weddings are really eccentric, but they are proven as good for the lifestyle of your puppy, as well as for its mental health.

Providing with an emotional day, which is the pet’s wedding is something that your pet will surely like. It will stimulate its mental health on many levels. The pet lovers are increasingly paying attention to the feelings of their pets.

pet friendly wedding plannerA pet wedding is also very necessary, when it comes to establishing a pedigree generation that will participate in contests and win prizes, so these owners do everything possible to make the “wedding” a memorable and wonderful time for the dog.

The tradition of the pet wedding dates back since a decade. Even the book of Guinness World Records has included the tradition on its pages. The Guinness book includes a record for the largest dog wedding, held in Holland in February last year.

The ceremony was held in the town of Hilversum, where 27 pairs of dogs have received marriage certificates.

If you are interested in creating a wedding for your pet, there are already pet’s wedding planners that will help you organize the event. The first pet’s wedding agency in the world was opened in the U.S.

The Wedding Dog is an agency, which can be found over the internet. The agency offers professional dog behaviorists, who will help you in organizing the event.

The pet wedding planners will do anything – from designing the pet couture to choosing the bride/groom. In case you are wondering what includes a pet wedding, these people will answer your entire question and will train your dog to walk down the aisle, as well as to wear the special dog rings.


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