Healing Cat’s Stress – The Right Way to Go About

The stressed cats tend to hide from people, and treat their owners like they would treat the enemy. It is not ill will or animal malice. It is simply fear.

It is only natural that a cat owner would not want a stressed cat. But when adopting a kitty, the change of environment and the new things it comes across might make it jumpy and irritated. In order to overcome its fear, you need patience and…patience.

stressed cat

No matter how fond you are of a cat, for it to become fond of you, the trust is the key factor. Normally a kitty is careful and fearing during the first week it spends in a new home. If you do nothing to temper its stress it will become a fearful creature, distant and scared no matter how much love and care you are ready to offer it.

The right way to go is to help the kitty adjust by introducing it to the environment. The company of men and the contact with other animals will help the little one associate sounds and scents as being part of their natural environment and will grow up confident. This way they will accept members of the family as part of their environment and do their best to show their affection.

In case the cat you adopt is an adult, the stress issue is even more dangerous. Such a situation may result in tragedy.

You should try and wrap the cat in a towel so it won’t scratch you. Pet its head gently and do not hold it too tight. If the cat refuses the treatment, do not force it to stay and try to hold it using the same method as on any other day. It is important to be consistent and you will see the result.

While the cat sleeps, sit next to it without touching it and talk to it using a calm tone of voice. You will see the first signs of trust when the cat looks at you while you talk – with its ears up and not bent down in fear.

Another option is to offer the cat a safe haven. A box or a basket, warm and comfortable with an interesting toy inside, placed in a room where nobody else enters will be the right choice. The litter box must be placed near this bed and the same goes for the food and water bowl.

The transition of these objects will be done with patience and care. In time the cat will get used to sitting where you want it to be and gradually become accustomed to the entire house.


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