Learn How to Bond Lovingly with Cats with Top 6 Tips

Pets are part of your family and you need to treat them like one. Having said that there is a basic difference between a cat and a dog – dogs are man’s best friend and they can be your support in times of need. They will become your child’s playmate, your watchdog, a bind man’s cane and a friend for life.

But cats are luxurious creatures and love to be pampered all the time. These furry pets need a warm cozy bed, they like to be cuddled, always want to be on your lap and get offended if you do not do something they like. Thus it is very important to bond with your cat so that you have a healthy relationship with this pet of yours.

bond lovingly with cats

Tips to Bond with your Cat

1. The first step towards bonding with your cat is by making it feel safe. Do not scream or scowl at it and avoid any show of violence in front of it.

2. Give it some space of its own. If possible you can set up a room solely for your cat. If room is a problem, then you can select a cozy corner and put a soft warm bed and some toys for the cat to play with. This will give your cat a feeling of home.

3. Once you have given them security and a feeling of being at home, you need to start playing with them. This will increase communication between the two of you and also make the cat get used to your touch.

4. As and when the cat gets used to your touch, you can start petting them. Stroke them, cuddle them and talk to them in a very gentle voice. You will see that it will start licking you out of love. The easiest way to understand whether your cat is enjoying your loving nature is if it starts purring. This is an indication that you are on the right path.

5. Give them food items that they enjoy… especially fishes and milk. Along with basic cat food, you will understand what your pet enjoys most and you can spoil them from time to time.

6. Once you have established the basic connection and you have realized the likes and dislikes of your cat you can start to housebreak them. Do it with ease because you do not want to enrage your cat. But housebreaking is a must if you want your cat to live happily with you.

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