Limitations Of The Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

litter boxWhile the automatic cat litter box is a concept that is a dream come true for cat lovers, pet owners have found that there are limitations and practical difficulties with these devices:

  • Many cats find the mechanized litter boxes a little scary and some refuse to use them
  • There have been instances of pet owners being injured by them
  • Although the claim is that these kinds of littler boxes effectively take care of the smell of cat litter, some pet owners have found that they do not do the job as thoroughly as one may wish
  • The kind of automatic litter boxes that have rakes get clogged often, get stuck and also do the job incompletely or inadequately because the rakes tend to miss a lot of clumps.
  • Urine can sometimes wet the motor which can malfunction or stop working because of this
  • Sometimes the waste bags do not fit properly and then they need to be taped down.

So pet owners have found there are often problems that occur with these automatic devices which do tend to work well for a time but which sometimes develop problems. So if you are planning on getting an automatic cat litter box, you may want to keep this in mind.


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